Mar 15
The Long Game - Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline with an Authentic Voice

The Long Game: Building Talent Pipelines with an Authentic Voice

An excerpt from an article published in Human Resource Executive Online on March 10, 2017:

Companies such as Cisco Systems and EY are taking a long-term approach to increasing the supply of diverse college grads within their industries.

When it comes to attracting ethnically diverse college students to industries in which they’re under-represented — particularly high-paying ones such as financial services and technology — those immersed in the industry say it’s important for companies to do more than simply show up at college career fairs and post pictures of diverse employees on their websites. It requires a sustained approach that may not yield short-term dividends but will lead to more robust pipelines of diverse talent in the longer term.

Hiring high-quality diverse talent is an intimate, concentrated game, not a high-volume game,” says Kelly Jones, director of talent acquisition and global university relations at San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco Systems. “You cannot parachute into a diverse school, pass out trinkets and expect students to rally to you. You need to take the time to get invested.

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