Jul 07

Rewiring our Big Dumb Brains (and Culture) for Goodness

This podcast was originally published by Hubspot’s The Growth Show on June 6, 2017.

We found this gem while thumbing through The Growth Show podcast this week. This particular episode focuses on the importance of attracting great talent to your team as a startup.

In a world of unicorns, Anthony Tjan is an investor looking for sea turtles. He watched first-hand as his company went bust the same day the Dotcom bubble burst. And he realized that good, steady growth powered by teams of good people is really the only thing that matters.

In this episode, Tony speaks with Meghan Keaney Anderson to teach us:

  • how to learn from standout companies that promote goodness
  • how to surround yourself with good people
  • why you may want to cook dinner with more of your potential employees


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