Mar 10
Millennials now expect a curated content experience.

Creating Content that Resonates with Millennial Candidates

Startups and established companies alike should be laser-focused on hiring millennial candidates fresh from the talent pool. Millennial workers are creative, entrepreneurial, savvy with tech and social media, and motivated to make a difference in the workplace. The right inbound recruiting techniques will help your team attract forward-thinking millennial candidates with content that resonates with them. Use these key content types and follow these tips when marketing to millennials to generate interest and attract qualified, dedicated talent.

The Content That Millennials Crave

1. Content That Educates

According to Influence&Co, 75 percent of millennials expect to learn something from the content they consume. Millennials love to soak up knowledge, so give them content with useful, actionable information, including clear takeaways and concrete tips. Don’t just give basic information about a topic. Forbes recommends creating content that readers want to bookmark or hang on their wall. If you’re focused on hiring millennials, attract them by making content that makes a difference in their lives.

2. Content That Entertains

Millennials are hungry for content that strikes an emotional chord, and they especially love to laugh. Influence&Co states that 88 percent of young people consider humor a major part of their identity. Combine humor with storytelling for even more emotional weight to resonate with potential millennial candidates.

For example, HelloFlo does a great job with their humorous approach to some very personal subject matter.

3. Mobile-Optimized Content

According to HubSpot, millennials make up the largest segment of smartphone users. If you want to reach all those millennial candidates looking up information on the go, ensure your organization’s website and its content are mobile-optimized. Try viewing your content on different operating systems, including Android, iOS and Windows, and ensure it loads quickly with no display problems. Think beyond Google’s minimum standards to make mobile content that’s both visually appealing and easy to read.

4. Varied Information Styles

Millennials love to learn, but they’re also pressed for time. To satisfy their fluctuating needs, produce a variety of content types, and carefully track which types work best. For shorter material, put together life hacks, how-to articles, and listicles. You should also invest in a few in-depth articles and videos to establish brand authority and recognition.

Some of the best campaigns of 2016 would focus on telling a progressive story from multiple angles and perspectives throughout the course of the year. See’s Captain Obvious.

5. Focused, Targeted Content

Not all millennials are searching for the same information. Your potential candidates are looking for curated content, so they need pieces that address their specific interests and values. For more enthusiastic responses, build upon a profile of your millennial consumer persona, and think through how to solve problems or add value to this niche. Consider following the 80-20 rule, says Forbes. Eighty percent of content should focus on your specific sector, while the other 20 percent should cover a wider scope for more exposure.

What makes great content when marketing to millennials?

  • Be authentic: Millennials have been saturated in sneaky advertising tactics since birth so they can tell when a company’s content has ulterior motives. Just as inbound marketers should never pitch to their content consumers, companies should never try to “sell” their company to potential candidates. Let the value of your content and your brand voice do that for you.
  • Be concise: It’s not about being short, it’s about addressing the topic with solid advice and meaningful input. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Ask for feedback: To develop a deeper connection with potential candidates, include them in the content creation process. For example, you can ask your Twitter following about the biggest question they have about your industry or niche, or you could take a poll on which blog post followers want to see next.
  • Take time to engage: From Instagram and Snapchat to Facebook and Twitter, millennials spend a lot of time on social media. Ask subscribers which platform they use most, and firmly plant your organization’s presence there. Twitter is ideal for bite-sized content, while Facebook makes longer content easy to share.
  • Display your values: Millennial candidates want to work for companies that stand for something bigger. If you want to hire millennials, identify a few core company values and associated causes, and bake these into your inbound recruiting content.

Hiring Millennials is Scalable with Inbound Recruiting

Marketing to millennial job candidates means learning their values and creating targeted content that entertains them or helps them solve problems. Use these content tips to build a library that millennials are more likely to share with friends and associate with your brand.

For help building a mobile-optimized content experience that is hyper-targeted to the most interesting and interested candidates at the exact right moment in the job-seeker journey, be sure to connect with our sales team for a live product demo and campaign execution ideas.

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