Apr 07

How to be on Campus without being on Campus

The opportunity to bring your employer brand to life on college campuses within your region goes well beyond your physical presence at career fairs. Utilize these tips to ensure that your company is top-of-mind for juniors and seniors looking for internships and first-career opportunities.

Develop and Maintain Relationships

Develop and maintain relationships with people in career services offices at each college and university. Contact them once a week, either through email or a quick phone call, to let their team know you’re still actively looking for candidates. Make sure they are acutely aware of the types of people that excel within your organization. Provide them with content and email templates that can nurture students towards your company.

Leverage the Storytelling Power of Video

Your company’s careers page looks great, but is it geared towards campus recruiting? Create content on your careers page that speaks to college students. Videos, even one-minute clips, give much better true-to-life looks at your organization than lengthy sentences and industry jargon on an about us page. Consider posting casual interviews with current employees who found your firm right out of college.

A recruitment video is also an excellent tool. Your content should exemplify what college students want when it comes to high-quality offerings. Videos put faces and voices to the names of the people who work at your organization.

Optimize your website for mobile to maximize your inbound recruiting strategies. More and more internet users, especially millennials and younger people, access web pages from smartphones and mobile devices. Your careers page and the videos posted to it should look equally great on a small screen and on a laptop. Optimizing for mobile also lets you easily share your content with others.

Create the Right Content

What do millennials want in their content? Creating content with the millennial persona in mind is crucial for a successful inbound recruiting strategy. Millennials crave continuous feedback, a better work-life balance and a job with a company that aligns with their own passions. Your content should reflect these ideals as you recruit top talent from this generation.

Produce updated content based on a viral story or news nugget that pertains to your industry, company or market segment. Leveraging recent news shows you can adapt to changing times as part of your overall campus recruiting strategy. If a story breaks in the morning, send out a link, short blog post or even a one-minute video giving your take on the story by early afternoon. Relevant, recent content engages with potential hires and keeps them interested in your firm, so long as it speaks to your recruits. Gauge the responses to your content, and include them in your analytics as you move towards the next phase of turning leads into bona fide job interviews.

Fill the Gaps

You need a dedicated strategy for inbound recruiting. That’s where The Whether, by Better Weekdays, comes into play. Discover the gaps in your campus recruiting methods as you try to keep candidates from falling into voids that you may not even realize exist. If you’d like to have a discussion with our team about how your company can leverage our products and services, please use this link to reserve some time on our calendar (we promise, it’s the easiest way to coordinate calendars).

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