Oct 25

3 Things to Maintain as you Transition to a Middle-Market Business

This article was originally published by American Express Open Forum on October 17, 2017.

A small business is similar to a basketball team—each player must be able to dribble, shoot, pass, play defense and grab rebounds. They’re all familiar with a little bit of everything. But as a company grows, it becomes more like a football team, where individuals specialize in particular areas and use that expertise to help the entire team succeed.

Unfortunately, few people can transition from one to the other because the implied cultures of the two different teams are exactly that: different. When a company’s business model is unproven, but its potential seems massive, it may attract more entrepreneurial risk-takers who are flexible, resilient and comfortable with ambiguity. This can significantly contribute to how they prefer to work.

A lot can happen as your company grows into a successful middle-market business. As your company expands, these three things may help you stay efficient and attractive to employees.

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