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Why Career Centers Should Be Using Periscope

Periscope allows you to explore the world through the eyes of somebody else. The mobile-first, real-time, video live-streaming application boasts more than 10 million users, and has quickly made its way to the screen of mobile devices around the globe.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic relating to this new type of content is the fact that users watch the equivalent of 40 years’ worth of video every day across various platforms and networks online. That’s 350,400 hours each day, and with Periscope pioneering the space, you should start thinking about how your university can hop on board, and why it’s an important platform to join.

Most people don’t know that Twitter acquired Periscope in the beginning of 2015. Under the Twitter umbrella, Periscope integrates seamlessly into Twitter feeds, and makes it incredibly easy to discover and consume. For career centers that already have a community on Twitter, it’s additional incentive to start using Periscope. Plus, during a Periscope live stream, viewers can comment and ask questions in real-time, which amplifies engagement.

Whether your career center hosts student events, creates digital content, or wants to start doing more of both, here are five ideas for you can use Periscope.

1. Mock Interviews

Pretend your smartphone is an employer, face it towards someone on your staff sitting across the table, and conduct a mock interview. You can rehearse questions in advance, and allow students to get a glimpse of interviewing tips and best practices.

2. Campus Tours

Spend a day outside giving a tour of the university. Live streaming a walking tour is a highly visual, engaging way to show prospective students and parents all around campus, and perhaps some hidden university secrets along the way for current students.

MIT took their followers on a tour around campus, and experimented with different formats. Stephanie Hatch Leishman, social media strategist at MIT, shared her experience using Periscope on campus:

Periscope isn’t just about producing video content, it’s about social live video streaming. While we are on a scope, we have many viewers who are typing comments, asking questions, saying hello, and giving us ‘hearts’ [similar to ‘likes’ on other social networks]. They stop talking if they realize you’re not commenting back to them, so we made sure to give shoutouts to as many people as possible.”

Other schools that conducted Periscope walking tours include the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

3. Day In The Life Of An Alum

Tap into your alumni network and offer students an inside look at what life is like working for various companies and organizations. Schedule these sessions in advance, and prepare questions for the alumni. On-site visits not only show the diversity of office and company cultures around your city, but also introduce students to different careers of individuals who were recently in their shoes.

4. Dress for Success LIVE

Many career centers host events focused on appropriate attire for different professional situations. Live streaming this type of event allows students to gain the knowledge even if they cannot attend in person. You may also want to incorporate the commenting feature on Periscope into the event, such as polling students on whether they think Student A or Student B is dressed correctly for an interview.

5. Student-Staff Q&A

One of the easiest ways career centers can start using Periscope is simple question and answer sessions. You might Tweet to your followers announcing you’ll take questions for a certain amount of time, or you can open it up in real-time during the Periscope, allowing viewers to type questions and comments right on the screen. You can choose a specific area to discuss, such as tips for writing the perfect cover letter, or general Q&A for anyone with career and professional development questions.

Why You Should Start Using Periscope

If you plan to live stream events at your career center, or even create new ones on your own, you will quickly realize how much it allows individuals at your university, and anyone else online, to learn from your expertise, and consider you as a leader in the space of career services and professional development.

You’ll expose students to everything the career center has to offer. The more events you live stream on Periscope, the more individuals you will eventually reach online. Students that may have never attended an event before might now be interested in utilizing all the resources available to them.

Think of Periscope as another marketing initiative that invites students to learn more about professional development, career diversity, and opportunities on campus.

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