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Most Informative Takeaways from #NACE17

We hope everyone had a great time at #NACE17! For the Better Weekdays team, it was amazing to attend another year, refresh with leaders at our #TalentPool, host a standing-room-only session about Active vs. Passive Recruiting Strategies, and experience beautiful Las Vegas!

We also logged some of the most informative takeaways that attendees were sharing at #NACE17. It’s obvious the sessions ignited another round of innovation for the future in career services and talent acquisition. We especially loved all of the data that was shared! Enjoy…

@MikeWalsh was #fire during his keynote (was there ever a doubt?). Many thanks to @CulverhouseCBA for capturing this quote from his talk.

Technology may have transformed your business, but culture is still your operating system.

Let’s take a moment to make sure we all understand what he means here:

  1. Absolutely continue to bring on new technologies to help your business run more smoothly and more effectively.
  2. Never forget that your company culture is a product of the people that make up your team. Protect the culture that has helped you become such a great company, and your team members will continue to thrive.

Another one from @MikeWalsh (via Manny Contomanolis):

The algorithmic leader of the future will ocmbine an insight into the human experience with a flair for computational thinking.

Said another way: when using algorithms to run various processes in your recruiting, be sure it’s all done in a way that enhances the humanity of the job search process for your candidates. Spend extra time crafting messaging and workflows so your candidates are greeted with a completely personalized experience. If your technology implementations deliver anything less, then you will fall behind. Quickly.

Many thanks to Caroline Konrad (@caroline_konrad) for capturing a screenshot of this list. We would encourage you to use this list as a gut check to determine if you extend or hinder diversity and inclusion.

Some of our favorites include:

  • As a director, you notice that a woman of color on your team shows leadership potential, but has been in her role for several years. What do you do?
  • How comfortable do you feel about discussing the impact of race and gender on career advancement?
  • Have you ever felt your race or gender has affected your career positively or negatively? How so?

Shout out to Cory Stephens (@CoryWStephens) for sharing this incredibly visual #CareerPlanning chart. Key takeaway here: if you want to achieve something, write it down, come back to it, take steps now to set yourself up for accomplishing it.

This data from Universum 2017 via Georgia Tech (shared by @eebell) is further validation that recruiters and educators are continuing to focus on what students want their job search to look like. Top of the list is “Inspiring Purpose.” The students have spoken.

We can infer that students want help understanding:

  1. “What does the company aspire to accomplish?”
  2. “Do I want to align to that?”
  3. “What will I be doing to help them in that endeavor?”

A few tactics to consider would be:

  1. Use video early and often. (Don’t overproduce. Your iPhone is just fine. Keep it human and approachable.)
  2. Be genuine and authentic in everything you say, do, and share.
  3. Be confident, but don’t boast. If someone asks about your competitors, it’s best to take a respectful approach.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic (and often overlooked) nugget of #Truth, Mara Zepeda (@marazepeda).

It’s 2017, folks. If you’re not building and validating strategies with reliable data, then you’re considerably behind the curve. Stop reading this and start tracking your data. Your future self will thank you.

This comes to us from #NACE17, but really anyone can take a note from this #KnowledgeBomb. Well said, Christine!

Another great share from Erin Wike. The focus of this particular talk was on SnapChat, but if you look closely, the “New Way” is a rough outline of Inbound Recruiting. SnapChat is the latest and greatest platform. It works for Millennials, but beware, GenZ is emerging, and they will bring their own platforms of communication. As long as you continue to focus on meeting students in the form they prefer for discovery of opportunity, you;’ll be just fine :).

#NACEfacts. Thanks for sharing, Kristina! To help prepare for this uptick, we would highly recommend that recruiting teams spend a little more time on their employer brand. The landscape is only becoming more competitive.

A little inspirational juice for everyone feeling a bit stuck in the grind of recruiting and career services.

You don’t have a career, you have a calling…

Let’s all just take a quick breather and remember why we got into this line of work, to begin with: to help people. Remind yourself daily about the people that fill the roles. The impact that you’ve had on their lives is incredible. We are in the business of helping people provide for their families in a way that inspires them to be their best version.

Can I get an Amen!? Thanks for sharing, Karl. Simply put – the best career services teams understand exactly what their students experience from end-to-end, and they constantly work to improve it. For starters, put yourself in your students’ shoes. What do you value? What do you fear? How does the career services office help? Then ask those questions of actual students. How do the answers compare?

#DesignThinking is very near and dear to our hearts at Better Weekdays. Here’s one of our favorite resources on the subject.

The Innovate Career Education for GenZ webinar series promises to be insightful. Register here.

Bottom Line

#NACE17 was fantastic. Thanks, again to everyone for participating in the conversation(s) during the conference. Your insights are always valued and leveraged for growth by the team here at Better Weekdays. Have a great Summer. We’ll see you all in the Fall 🙂

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