May 26

Inbound Recruitment Creates More Inclusive Workplaces

Universities have something all companies want: future employees. Students essentially are the “products” that businesses demand so that they can stay competitive and grow.

It’s the universities’ responsibility to prepare students for the workplace. Therefore, if employers and recruiters emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace, universities should take note and prepare accordingly — whether by providing research on the topic to employers or discussing the importance of diversity on behalf of students.

The Role Universities Play

Most colleges and universities have career centers intended to help students find the right jobs for them, but this responsibility should fall on the university as a whole, including professors, advisors, student affairs staff, and other higher education professionals.

In order for students to find employers and jobs that welcome them, it’s important for educators to first understand the “persona” of the underrepresented populations the company wants to attract, engage, and hire.

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