Jul 26
Putting the Student First (Fireside Chat with Chris Alarcon)

Putting the Student First (Fireside Chat w/Chris Alarcon)

I had the privilege to catch up with Chris Alarcon to draw some comparisons between the goals that recruiters have and the goals that career services have. At the end of the day, we’re all here for the common goal of helping students find gainful employment that they are qualified for and excited about. Chris is the Employer Relations & Internship Coordinator at the University of California – Merced, and he brings a very unique perspective to the conversation because he’s worked as both a recruiter and a career services advisor.

My primary goals with this discussion are to help recruiters and career services teams:

  1. define what their “product” is and who their “customer” is
  2. empathize with the student experience of discovering a career path
  3. identify areas of your process that could better serve student job-seekers


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