May 26

Are you using these 5 products to engage your students?

College students are savvy consumers, and knowing what products they need to succeed gives your career services staffers a way to engage with your key demographic. This engagement keeps students interested in the importance of checking with the college’s career center as they move towards full-time employment opportunities after graduation.

One key point to remember is that it’s never too early to develop a relationship with students once they enter campus. When you have their attention, stay on top of trends and gravitate towards what they need from you and stay relevant with the people you serve.

Discover how these five products help you engage students with the goal of keeping them interested in career services until they earn a job after graduation.

1. Smartphones

Most millennials have smartphones and interact with these devices throughout the day. Engaging students through their smartphones offers a prime opportunity to stay in touch with them as they seek jobs. Consider integrating a job app for your department that lets students discover jobs/internships, receive curated career content, and ask you questions at any time. Apps on your student’s phones teach you how students interact with technology.

2. Snapchat

College students love connecting through social media. Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks among all social media users and it’s extraordinarily popular with college students. Engaging students can be as simple as posting a snap to your Snapchat story. It is the quickest way to get an announcement out and have students reply back with questions. Snapchat allows you to see who is viewing your stories and you can directly message students. It boasts a very high open rate of messages that rivals the open rate of personal text messages.

This channel can become a vital tool to staying in contact with students. By piquing their interests with stories and learning what matters to them such as picture filters for your events, you will see an increase in engagement.

Social media in general bridges the gap among many university entities at once as you reach out to students and facilitate relationships once they arrive on campus. Snapchat isn’t the only one that college students love to use during their time on campus. Social media teaches you how students stay in touch with each other.

3. GoPro Cameras

If you’ve seen any video or advertisement from GoPro, you see millennials having fun skydiving, surfing, rock climbing and basically excelling at what they do best. With the amazing footage quality, you can make a weekly video to post to your department’s YouTube channel or Facebook page that engages students in topics they love.

Send your GoPro along with a geology student’s exploration of a cave. Produce a quick, 30-second commercial with ordinary students on campus explaining something about why career services is important. Take footage at an on-campus event and turn it into a highlight reel for the career center. Students love videos, so check out what other campuses do with their GoPros to get an idea of how engaging students takes a multimedia approach. GoPro cameras teach you how to use cool, fun technology to keep someone’s interest as college students show off their unique personalities for the camera.

4. Day Planners

Day planners are one product you can put in the hands of students fairly easily. Custom-make day planners with the career services logo or web address on the front. Collaborate with the university’s printer or bookstore to custom-make pages or inserts that show more information about career services, the career center’s hours and why regular appointments with staffers can help students find jobs after graduation. Day planners let you know that not everything about engaging students has to do with high-tech tools.

5. Coffee

Perhaps you’ve seen small pods of coffee popularized by Keurig. College students love their extra jolt of caffeine in the morning while getting ready for classes or when they pull all-night study sessions for finals. Specialized companies can produce custom-printed Keurig pods for career services. Putting a simple message on the pods is key here. Think of the web address of your department or a relevant saying on the package, such as “Wake up to the career center!”

If your department is strapped for cash, bundle a four-pack of regular Keurig pods in a paper bag and hand them out to students as giveaways at various events. Place cards inside the bag alongside the pods to create a small care package for students as a way to get your name out to the populace on campus. Keurig pods teach you that big things can come in small packages as you connect with students.

What These Products Mean

These products take an omnichannel approach to engaging students. College students love technology, but they also need tangible things to organize their lives and stay on top of their busy schedules. You don’t necessarily need these products in your physical possession to engage with students, but they do offer lessons about student engagement. Take these facets into account when investing your time, energy, efforts and money into transitioning graduates from students to employees.

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