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With such an intense focus on diversity from some of the smartest, most adaptable, cash-rich, and influential companies in the world, one has to take a step back and analyze why a solid D&I strategy continues to evade them. There are plenty of credible studies and resources about why diversity and inclusion should be considered a critical business imperative for your team in 2019. We’re not here to add another...
This article was originally published by and features The Whether CEO, Chris Motley.Written by Deep Patel. Move over, 9-to-5ers — an alternative working model is on the rise. According to a survey by Upwork and the Freelancers Union, the freelance economy now includes 55 million Americans (35 percent of the total U.S. workforce). We can expect this trend to continue rising, in large part, thanks to Generation Z and...
Attracting the right candidate takes more than posting a job ad and wading through the impending flood of resumes. It’s about connecting with your target candidate pool to find a mutually beneficial relationship. Your dream hire brings talent and energy to your business and saves you the time and money that comes with a bad hire. Building an employer brand as part of your inbound recruiting strategy increases the odds...
Developing diverse & inclusive talent pools creates a significant boost to your company’s diversity recruiting efforts. Posting new openings on job sites and using other traditional recruiting efforts often produces underwhelming results. That’s where inbound recruiting comes in. This innovative methodology uses your organization’s brand and culture presence to attract candidates. As a result, recruiters can focus on the most engaged and qualified candidates. To get a better handle on...
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